Constant Temperature Monitoring

LinkThru TMUs can be fixed in position or moved to provide temperature comparisons, which enable identification of “dead legs” in pipework for example, as part of the Risk Assessment. These devices can be used to monitor outlets, TMVs, incoming mains temperature, cold water storage, calorifiers and other parts of the water system.

With TMUs positioned as required at key
points around your building, LinkThru:

Delivers real-time data that alerts you
to outlets that are at risk and should
be investigated

Sends automatic notifications to alert
staff and help implement proactive
risk management

Provides a complete on-line history
and audit record of all data and
associated actions

Ensures accurate and constant data
capture to give a continual overview
of system behaviour, compared to
manual once-a-month readings

Detects which outlets need to be
flushed for at least 2 minutes as part
of a control regime and (perhaps
more importantly) those that don’t –
therefore saving water

Identifies other risks, such as
detecting temperatures that exceed
safety threshold limits and pose a risk
of scalding or a risk of freezing pipes

Reports on outlet usage, detecting
outlets that are under-used or
locations where outlets have been left
running continuously

Integrates directly into Building
Management Systems such as
Maximo, if required, as well as other
enterprise applications, e.g. SAP

Having constant, real-time data allows you to be much more proactive in your management
of Legionella risk.

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