Advantages ‘At-A-Glance’

LinkThru TMU is designed to meet the practical temperature monitoring needs of Facilities Management and Maintenance professionals, whilst at the same time providing unbeatable cost-in-use benefits to satisfy Finance requirements.

Standalone infrastructure (not reliant on local network), so there’s no disruption to existing business systems

Low-cost data (via Sigfox network), so inexpensive to install and run

Simple to install on pipework, so an ideal retrofit solution

Delivers trend analysis and sends alarm reports only by exception, so users are not bombarded with unnecessary data

Built for HSE legislation compliance however the data is powerful, so additional benefits include measurement of calorifier efficiency, identification of heat loss and lagging requirements, clarification of water system usage patterns (i.e. most-used washroom facilities) which in turn can fine-tune resource management (e.g. cleaner work-cycle patterns)